Got questions you want to ask? You might find the answer here.

There might be things you want to ask but don't know how to.  Please feel free to. You can contact me using any of the below methods. I'm really happy to help where I can. You might even find some of the answers here. 

What if my kids are difficult? 

You know what? It's ok. I can probably count on one hand the number of times that people have walked away thinking "gosh, my kids were angels today!" Actually, that might be a lie. Maybe a few fingers. Truth is, our kids are amazing, wonderful beings that we can't and shouldn't force to be anything other than themselves. I've seen and heard a lot at sessions. I'm pretty non-judgmental and patient. I am happy to wait and be ready for the moments that they shine, and I have some techniques and games I use to improve our chances.  I'm ready to embrace your kids just the way they are. I'm certainly not going to force them to do anything. This is about capturing their authenticity and you getting to see how much they love you. However, please do not bring your children to the session if they are unwell. It never works. Please also let me know in advance if they have strong dislikes. It's important to note I usually shoot in natural locations, so if your little loves don't like how grass/plants feel we might need to find alternatives - and that's ok - I understand that. 

Will you photoshop me to make me fabulous? 

The short answer is no.. because you are already freaking amazing. There is no one else in the world like you and your family and I won't change a thing about that. I don't just photograph beautiful people... I photograph all people. In saying that, if you wake up with a cold-sore or some other thing that has decided to ruin your whole life that day (who let the baby have the texta? Oh crap.. there's drool on my top), of course I will do my best to fix that little bump in the road for you. 

What on earth should we wear? 

This is a great question. I would love to be able to say.. "Hey it doesn't matter what you wear". But that would be a stretch. It's not the most important part of your session by far, but it does matter. There are just some colours that don't photograph well and some colours that should just never, ever, ever leave a dressing room. Most important by far is to wear something that you love and that is comfortable.. and that reflects you and your personality. It's no good me telling you to wear neutrals if you are like me and a sunny yellow or vibrant reds are some of your favourite colours. It's just all about balance. So two to three main colours, a print or two and some neutrals. Avoid too much black or navy, or too much white. If you want to wear a lot of white.. opt for things with different textures and maybe include some cream as well. Avoid fluoro shades. Have a little think about where you are having your photos and take some inspiration from there. Take a look at my Pinterest board as well.  If you are really struggling with it, just ask me and I'm happy to help you. There's no shame in sending me selfies from the dressing room. I get it a lot! 

Are you a sleazy salesperson? I'm pretty much the worst salesperson in the world. And I have never really needed to push it because people buy what they love and they love my images. So no sleaziness from me. I'm very transparent and all my pricing is available for you to view on this website already. So no surprises and no sneaky upselling. But in saying that I am a firm believer in prints. Prints are included in all my collections because they are amazing. You're probably going to tell me at least once that you don't need prints.  But you deserve them.. and your children need them, now more than ever. However.. if you really, really don't want them, for a limited time, there's the option to not have them too. 

Do you have Payment Plans? 

You are most welcome to pay your collection off over time. Many of my clients do this and I am happy for you to as long as the payments are regular. You are also welcome to start a payment plan with me before your session to give you a headstart. I totally understand that this is a big investment, and I will always do my best for you. 

Other things to note

I really wish I did not have to write this.. but... I generally assume when I am hired for photographs that all the group wants to be there. I'm very sorry but I cannot force someone to participate in the session if they aren't interested or are unwilling. Please discuss this with your entire family before booking. I won't tolerate rudeness or disrespect to myself on the day.  

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